Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1818 O-114 R3

Star 1 points to upper edge of dentil, and it is recut at its two lower points. Date is low, 81 is close, and first 8 shows recutting at lower left. On the LDS, there is a crack from lower curl curving to edge between stars 11 & 12. Another crack curves from the edge above star 7, across peak of cap, through all stars down to first crack.

Stand of E in scroll is centered under D. E is higher than adjacent T and S. A is higher than M at base. Arrowheads are close, and connected by die defects. On the LDS, a crack starts below 50, arrowheads, and into CA. Left side of I under right side of T. On the LDS, the clump of dots between E and D in UNITED does not show.(Reverse is LDS of O-113.)