Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1822 O-108 R3

Star 7 touches edge of cap. Crack descriptions Obverse: The crack on this one, starts at 1 and goes up through 822, to the curl, by star 13, touches tip of 12, and ends at 11. The crack for an "a" model is supposed to start at the drapery, and end at star 10.

RI in AMERICA is very close with base of R a shade the highest. Left side of T and right side of I in line. This one has the die chip partly filling the angle of N, but this is not on all specimens. Crack descriptions Reverse: Only traces of a crack from tip of wing across base of UNITED through STA, but it is not complete and should start at leaves for the "a" model. There is a crack across 50, but that is all. It is missing the crack to the left of 5 from the milling to the claw, and from RIC through the Arrowheads to 50 joining the missing crack to the left of 5.