Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1826 O-112 R2

Obverse: Star 1 points to lower half of a dentil. A diagonal die line cuts across the right leg of “R”. Date is close, with tall figures. “2” has a straight base with a tiny serif, and a short pointed curl.

Reverse: Small tine juts out and down from crossbar 2 on right. Several stripe lines extend upwards too far. In the a-DS, a die chip first forms in the outer crevice of “R”, then in the top of first “S” in “STATES”. In the VLDS, not mentioned in Overton-Parsley, a chip also forms in the upper angle of “N”. “50 C” is large and high, the “C” very large. “I” is centered under the left side of “T”.