Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1810 O-101 R1

Star 1 points to center of dentil. A diagonal die line, from the lower right of star 1, points to the bust. There are usually multiple die cracks at star 1. A tiny die lump shows midway from “0” to star 13. At least two spear-like die lines protrude downward from back of cap. Crack shows under date, another from top of first “1”, bust, all left stars, ending in cap.

Three distinct dots and a dash show in field below middle left claw. First line of stripe 1 extends upwards, in a fine line, to crossbar 7. Some letters of “LIBERTY” are usually clashed under the right wing, and inside the shield. A crack shows from olive leaves, top of “UNITE” to edge above “D”. Another shows from above “E” down through “S”.“I” is centered under left side of “T”.