Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1829 O-116 R3

Obverse: All stars 1 & 7 & 8 & 13 point between dentils. Mouth is slightly open. This LDS shows a faint crack from above 9, across curls, and to star 11. (Obverse shared with O-117.)

Reverse: In the space left of stripe 4, a pointed protrusion shows in the lower third. Second T in STATES is low, and its lower right serif is very thin. Legend had medium size letters, larger than normal. A rusty die is cause for a clump of lumps below and above eagles head, and at various other locations. Arrowheads nearly touch A, and U nearly touches left wing tip. The LDS shows a crack spanning the entire reverse, also a lump on the R, showing at middle right. Right sides of I and T are in line.