Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1834 O-111 R1

Childs Head Obverse: Small stars sharp ad distant from milling. Star 6 and 7 are recut on upper points. The date is sharp struck and low. It is 6 4/3mm. 18 leans to right and 34 leans to the left. This gives the date a caved in appearance on the top. The face has a rounded cheek and a wide-eyed appearance which leads it to sometimes be called the child's head. The mouth is slightly open.

Reverse: 50 C. is 1 1/4mm and high. The top of C is only 1/4mm from the stem. The 5 is considerably higher than the 0 and is well formed. The I is under the right side of the T. There is a defect line that is usually visiable through the lower part of stripe 4. The second T in STATES is leaning to the left, and the A is higher than both T's.