Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1836 O-121 R5

Obverse: Star 8 is recut at the two upper points, there is a gap in the dentils between star 8 & star 9, and the inner point of star 9 is pointed. In the date 83 is closer than 18 or 36. Remains of a bar and dot may show weakly to the right of the 6. (Obverse shared with O-120.)

Reverse: The lower tail feather penetrates the upper olive branch. There may be corrugated raised bars left of the 5 of 50 C. These are present on most O-105's - the O/P book states there is little or no evidence of these bars on EDS O-105's. On LDS O-105's they become weak. On the O-121's they will either be weak or absent. The 5 has a broad, sharply curved and pointed top.