Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1814 O-108 R2

Star 1 points between dentils. Both Overton and Dr. Peterson refer to a tiny dot on the bottom side of the inner point of star 2. Second “1” is low. Usually, a crack goes from star 2, through star 1, and into bust. On the LDS, a die crack runs from below the second “1”, up through the “4”, and into the curls. Another goes from top of “18” left into drapery.

“E” in “STATES” is correctly punched over a mistakenly punched “STATAS. A bold defect line crosses through the upper pair of leaves. Eagle’s head and part of left wing are usually smooth. On the LDS, the many die cracks usually found in this marriage are heavier, and extend farther. “I” centered under “T”.