Capped Bust Half Dollar Attribution Guide
1817 O-106 R2

Star 1 points to upper edge of dentil. Heavy defect ridge shows from top of cap to milling above star 8, resulting in this obverse being called the “Comet Head”. Low date has “81” much closer than “18” or “17”. Upper forecurl forms a loop in front of headband. Mouth is open. Center dot shows on neck.

Due to lapping, upper pair of leaves now only shows as a single leaf, the upper one. The bold horizontal die line protruding from the tip of the remaining leaf is the tip of the missing lower leaf. A die crack shows from upper berry, through left wing near tip, gradually going upwards through “UNITED” to top of “D”, and down through middle of “S” forming a lump right of “S”, and ending at the top of “T”. “I” centered under left side of “T”. (Reverse is VLDS of O-104, and LDS O-105.)